If we Christians don’t send, and don’t go, and don’t preach, then the lost will not hear and believe and be saved!

The Need in Vista

In 1798 Spanish Catholic missionaries established the San Luis Rey Mission to bring Christianity to the area, but today fewer than 10% of people are evangelical Christians, and more than 56% declare themselves non-religious--making it one of the least-reached places in the United States and Canada. With such a small Christian community, it is possible for people to live and die without really hearing about the salvation we have in Jesus Christ!

Religious Adherents in San Diego County (2010)

Meanwhile, a small church in Vista, Grace Covenant Church, wants to see a greater impact of the Gospel in their community. They are prepared to invest their people, legacy and resources into a new and vibrant church plant in Vista, but they need our help.

As Christians today, many of us are wondering how we can do more to share the gospel with the lost. Now you can be part of a new mission to share the Good News of Jesus by establishing a church plant in the area!